FillMed B3-Recovery Cream – Soothing, Post-Procedure – 50ml


Soothing care – Ideal post-procedures / Vit B3 and Hyaluronic acid

FillMed B3-Recovery Cream – Soothing Cream – Ideal Post-Procedure.

Vitamin B3 + H-Urea: Regenerating moisturizers reputed to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier.
Plant-based complex: Known for its powerful soothing properties and its capacity to relieve feelings of discomfort due to dryness.
Mirabilis Jalapa extract: Soothing active ingredient known to enhance sensitive and reactive skin’s resilience.
Rhamno complex: Reduces redness caused by cutaneous dryness or aggressive treatments that have stripped the skin’s moisture barrier.
NCEF + Hyaluronic acid: Anti-ageing mesotherapy complex known for its action on skin quality, it is used to recover a rejuvenated looking skin.

Use: Apply repeatedly to the area to be treated. Light gel-cream texture.

Size: 50ml


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