Pharmaceris E – 3 in 1 Gel Lavant- 200ml


Pharmaceris E – 3 in 1 Gel Lavant a moisturizing foam cleanser is recommended for daily washing of sensitive, dry and irritable children’s scalp from the first day of life.
Recommended to relieve excessive scalp dryness and itchiness in children, adults and persons suffering from atopic dermatitis.
The ultra-light foam cleanser is bio-compatible with the physiological pH of the skin, enabling thorough yet gentle cleansing of the scalp and hair without damaging the epidermal hydrolipidic film.
Bio-active D-panthenol and betaine ensure optimum scalp moisturization, offering natural protection against irritation, excessive dryness. The foam cleanser reduces itchiness and prevents recurrent scalp dryness.
The chamomile extract reduces hypersensitivity to external factors, while at the same time regenerating the skin and strengthening the hair.
The foam cleanser soothes the skin and relieves irritations of the scalp. The exceptionally gentle washing formula prevents a stinging eye sensation.
The foam cleanser does not weigh down the hair, has a detangling effect and leaves it soft and silky to the touch.


Pour one dose of the s foam cleanser directly into the bathtub.
Gently wash your baby’s scalp and rinse with clean water.

Infants, Children And Adults:
Apply the foam cleanser to wet hair and massage the entire scalp.
Rinse thoroughly with water.

Size: 200ml


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