Pharmaceris E – Body Emollient Cream – Emotopic – Soothing, Softening, Reducing Irritation & Itchiness – 200ml


Soothing, Softening, Reducing Irritation And Itchiness

Pharmaceris E – Emollient Body Cream is recommended for chronically dry, itchy skin prone to excessive peeling, keratinization and microdamage.
Suitable for children and adults with atopic dermatitis (AD) and atopic eczema, without age limitations.
Recommended during and after pharmacological treatment to speed up skin regeneration in between topical steroid treatments.
The rich consistency of the cream provides an adequate level of lubrication and moisture in the skin during severe changes.
The formula creates a natural protective layer on the skin’s surface, which protects against the intensification of troublesome skin changes and their recurrence.
Highly concentrated emollient formula rich in natural vegetable oils applied to the damaged lipid barrier of the epidermis restores the natural physiological immunity to irritation while relieving itching, burning and redness.
Contained in the emollient cream, natural oils such as hemp oil, canola oil, avocado oil and lanolin provide the skin with essential nutrients, including vitamins and essential fatty acids (essential unsaturated fatty acids) clearly softening the epidermis, restoring comfort and providing the effect of smoothing the tense and rough skin.

Apply on cleansed and dry skin of the body.
For daily use, once or twice per day.

Size: 200ml


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