Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream – Irritations and Redness


Irritations and Redness

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Mustela Vitamin barrier cream relieves baby at the very first application by instantly soothing irritated skin. It prevents from redness or nappy rashes at each nappy change. Even better: it repairs baby’s skin barrier with a long-lasting effect, even during diarrhea or teething periods.
Also appreciated: our cream is very easy to apply on Baby’s bottom.
This cream contains 98% ingredients of natural origin and benefits from our exclusive complex of patented natural active ingredients which guarantees its triple efficiency.

Its action is three-fold:
1. prevents from nappy rash and irritations
2. soothes baby’s skin
3. repairs baby’s skin durably
Easy to apply and to clean off.

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream at each nappy change.
Step 1
Clean Baby’s bottom – don’t forget those folds! And dry thoroughly before applying the cream.
Step 2
Apply a good layer of cream on Baby’s clean and dry nappy area.
Step 3
Close the nappy carefully.

Size: 50ml/100ml


50ml, 100ml


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