Pharmaceris N – Puri-Capiliqmusse Foam Cleanser – 150ml


Capillaries Strengthening Foam Cleanser

N – Puri-Capiliqmusse Foam Cleanser is a gentle daily face and eye cleansing foam for skin with dilated and bursting capillaries, redness and increasing erythema.
The complex of active ingredients (vitamin B3, milk thistle and acerola extract) strengthens blood vessels, reducing redness and burning sensation of the skin.
Natural betaine and Glucam® intensely moisturize the skin, ensuring its long-lasting hydro-balance.
D-panthenol and allantoin aim to soothe irritations.
The preparation reduces the skin’s over-reactivity to external factors.
It shows a high degree of tolerance and does not cause skin tightness.
Does not contain soap.

Put a small amount of the foam onto your hand and wash your face with circular movements, then rinse with water.
After drying the skin, apply a toner and an appropriate cream from the Pharmaceris N series.
Use every morning and evening.

Size: 150 ml


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