Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips 3-in-1 Nutri-Plumping Balm – 3g


3-in-1 Nutri-Plumping Balm – 3g

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Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips – An Ultra Nourishing Balm. Oil To Comfort And Plump Dry Lips And Give Natural Brightness.


Remove the cap, turn the base of the pen-bottle and wait for a few seconds until the balm appears at the tip of the applicator. Apply generously to the Lips reapply as often as necessary.

Nourishing and repairing:
A duo of highly nourishing oils and repairing shea butter nourish, restore and protect damaged lips.

Plumping and smoothing:
A peptide collagen booster smooths the lips, restoring natural plumpness and redefining the lip contours.

Size: 3g


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