SVR Clairial Cream SPF50+ Very High Anti-Brown Spot Sun Protection – 50ml


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SVR Clairial Creme SPF50+ For all types of brown spots caused by the sun, skin ageing, pregnancy, imperfections or irregular skin tone. Face, décolleté, hands. New scientific discoveries relating to hyperpigmentation have proved that UVA and UVB protection is not enough! So SVR created Clairial Crème SPF50+, the first two-in-one anti-brown spot cream.

Apply in the morning to exposed areas: face, décolleté, hands.

For enhanced anti-brown spot action, apply other products from the Clairial range:

Morning: Clairial Sérum followed by Clairial SPF50+
Evening: Clairial Sérum and, twice weekly, Clairial Peel to boost the depigmenting effects Clairial SPF50+: apply evenly in sufficient quantities before sun exposure.
Repeat application frequently. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure between 12 and 4 pm.

Features & Benefits:
91% said their skin tone was more even.
86% said their skin tone was more uniform.
81% said it reduced the intensity of the color of dark spots.

Size: 50ml


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