SVR Densitium Baume Nuit – Night Balm – 50ml


SVR Densitium Baume Nuit (Night Balm) innovation, the global dermatological correction for a reinforced efficiency on all the signs of ageing, dryness, wrinkles, skin slackening, loss of radiance and uniformity. SVR Night Balm has been specially formulated to accompany the skin through the upheavals due to the menopause and to meet the needs of mature skin.

Its formula is completed with tetrapeptides offering a real regenerating action for a smoother and fresher skin in the morning as after a good night sleep. Its nourishing and enveloping texture, delicately scented, soothes and comforts the skin.


Apply in the evening to the entire face and neck. Massage to relax the features and give yourself a moment of relaxation.

Size: 50ml


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